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Could you become a coach for your child?

Parents often become little teachers for their children. Those parents whose children are in family education are even more likely than others. It's not just about doing homework!
I don't like to talk about raising a child. Or rather, I do not believe that anyone other than myself can be brought up.

I am not engaged in direct teaching, that is, I do not teach any subjects to my daughter, I do not do lessons with her, I do not explain the material (well, almost). Sometimes you have to use Bidforwriting to improve your studies. After all, when you need to write a written work, you need help to write a good work.

But I don’t leave my daughter alone with her studies or what other tasks she has, I follow her daily routine, discuss successes and failures, goals, etc. with her. I discuss with her what doesn’t work in learning. If it is not possible to write a written work, then I use buy assignment online and when discussing problems in writing written work, we correct and write very high quality. In this way, I direct the child to the goal, which is writing papers.

And just the other day, I suddenly realized that I was constantly doing real coaching in the classical sense of the term. After all, when I help my child write a written work and use, then I am coaching. And a little more home management. I studied coaching at the Higher School of Economics, with the best teachers and specialists. And, apparently, it did not go in vain.

Many techniques I use unconsciously, but these are just them.I watched myself for a few days and highlighted what I was doing:

I help Mary find her true interests. To do this, we play a game like "And if I have a million dollars, then I do this and that." Well, Mary, in general, draws cartoons in any situation, but when she fantasizes that there is money, she immediately mentally recruits young talented artists and organizes an independent studio. But these are details.

I help you focus on successes, not failures. That is, the constant phrases “look how you coped with this task yourself”, “4 correct answers out of 5 on the first try is cool”, “the first control in physics is 3, but you didn’t study it before and missed the first lessons and I figured out how to solve problems myself - cool ”(the next control, by the way, was already at 5).

Using my example, I demonstrate how you can study your strengths and weaknesses and what to do with this information.

I teach how to decompose large problems and solve them step by step.

I help to draw an image of the future and, in the opposite direction, build the steps that need to be taken to reach the goal.

I explain how you can influence some events or circumstances, I teach you to gain control over the situation

This is not a complete list, of course. The most important thing is that I do this all the time every day.

What does it give? Well, sometimes they say to me: “you were just lucky with the child, it’s good that she is so independent, she studies and studies on her own.” I think that this is still not luck, but the result of such a coaching approach.

I do nothing for my daughter, but I build a system so that she can gradually take more and more control for herself.And I thought, do you want to try to make a webinar? I will tell you what coaching techniques and how you can apply to help your children. I think this will be relevant for those who have children on CO and for those who are in school.

If you want, write in the comments or put +. If I do, it will be conditionally free, well, there is like rubles for 200 per person.

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